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Académie Julian

In The Studio by Marie Bashkirteff, iconic image, the most portrayed about the  Académie Julian.

In 1877, Marie Bashkirtseff enters the women pupils sector at the Académie Julian.
The Académie Julian, founded by Rodolphe Julian in 1868, was the only institution that admitted women pupils for the study of art.
The thought of women painting the human body from nude models, was not easy to assimilate for the Victorian times mentality.

.In that same painting, with which Marie was not feeling satisfied, she painted herself turning her back to the audience.

Académie Julian,1889

Marie Bashkirtseff, who Bojidar Karagueergevitch on later decades described as a true apostle of feminism, demanded from the pages of the feminist newspaper ‘La Citoyenne’ (The female citizen) that women enter on an equal footing with men to the State School of Fine Arts.

Hubertine Auclert,
.founder of the Droits de la Femme Association (Women´s Rights Association), who was the editor of La Citoyenne. Marie Bashkirtseff used to publish her articles there under the pen name of Pauline Orrel.

At the Academy, her teachers would be the painters Tony Robert-Fleury, Gustave Boulanger and Rodolphe Julian himself.

Rodolphe Julian

Tony Robert-Fleury

The last day of Corinth, por Tony Robert Fleury

Tony Robert Fleury, Portrait of his father.

Gustave Boulanger

Boulanger, The slave market.

More information about Gustave Boulanger

Some of her classmates
at the Atelier Julian

Jeanne Lehman
(without information)

Anna Pauline Tirard
(French painter and pastelist)

Anna Elizabeth Klumpke
(American, 1856-1949, She kept a close relationship with Rosa Bonheur)


Anna Klumpke and Rosa Bonheur

Portrait of Rosa Bonheur by Anna Klumpke

Marie de Chateaubleau
(Without information)

Anna Bilinska Bohdanowicz
Ukrainian, Polish nationalized (1857-1893)

Anna Bilinska, Self-Portrait

Anna Bilinska, Self Portrait

Sophie Stankiewicz
Polish Painter (1862-?)

Emmy Stewart Wood
English painter and aquarellist ( ? - 1937)

Emmi Stewart Wood, The bay at A'Chill

Amélie Beaury Saurel
Spanish - (1849-1924)

Amélie Beaury-Saurel
Madame Rodolphe Julian.

Beaury-Saurel, Portrait of Severine

Eleonore A. Poitevin
French painter (without information)

Emma Guinand
Swiss Painter (1860-1922)

Sophie Schaeppi
Swiss painter(1852-1921), friend of Louise Breslau

Sophie Schaeppi, The Spring

Jenny (Marguerite Valentine) Zillhardt

Jenny Zillhardt, self portrait. French painter, chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur, (1857-1939), the sister of Madeleine Zillhardt.

Nude, por Jenny Zillhardt

Rosine Cahen
French engraver and decorator.

Augusta Roszmann
Belgian painter (1863-1945)

Mother, by Augusta Roszmann

Madeleine Delsarte
(Marie Magdeleine Blanche Geneviève Del Sarte) French painter (1853-1927)

François Delsarte, her father, by Madeleine Delsarte

Anna Nordgren
Anna Christina Nordgren, sweden painter, 1847-1926

Anna Nordgren, Two girls on the edge of the water.

Louise Catherine Breslau

Caricatures of Marie Bashkirtseff at Julian Studio, drawn by some of her fellow students.

The Académie Julian is still running at present.

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Translation into English by Rocío De Marco

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