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A homage

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Jules Bastien-Lepage

Marie Bashkirtseff (1858-1884) - Jules Bastien-Lepage (1848-1884)

Though a teacher/pupil relationship between Jules Bastien-Lepage and Marie Bashkirtseff  has been rumoured, that bond never existed. Others had wanted to see later love in the closed friendship that bonded them together, at the last days of her life (Marie passed away on October 31th, 1884, and Bastien did just 40 days after).

Marie Bashkirtseff  became very interested in the Lorrain painter´s style, who loved working outdoor, and followed his footsteps. Nevertheless, while Bastien portrayed the peasants, Marie loved the scenes of working men lifestyle at Paris slum quarters. Here are some paragraphs written by Mary on her last days, when they both were in the throes of death:

“How would this be any better if it were for love? There was a moment when I laid my cheek on his hand and he clasped his harder”.
(October 9th, 1884)

“Oh! Misfortune of ours! And how many healthy caretakers! Émile is an admirable brother. It is he who goes down to the third floor, carrying Jules over his shoulders.  I have in Dina, a similar devotion”.
(October 20th, the last note)

Dina Babanine (pastel by Marie Bashkirtseff).  A cousin, closer as a sister for Marie and who´s devotion Marie underlines on the last page of her Diary. Marie, Dina, Jules and Émile had built up a close relationship during the last months of  both  the young painters’ lives.

The architect Émile Bastien-Lepage (oil painting by Jules Bastien-Lepage), Jules’s unconditional brother and, through whose friendship, Marie met the painter. They cultivated a good friendship and, after Marie’s death, Émile took over the construction of her mausoleum at the cemetery of Passy, nowadays declared national and historical monument of France.

Exterior view of Marie Bashkirtseff’s mausoleum at the cemetery of Passy, Paris.

Inside of Marie Bashkirtseff’s mausoleum. In the middle of the room stands a copy of Marie’s bust, work by her friend the sculptor René de Saint Marceaux and, behind it, one of Marie Bashkirtseff’s last paintings, Women Saints (unfinished). The interior of the mausoleum represents part of Marie’s studio. At both sides, her parents’ busts.

At present, the mausoleum is poorly preserved and the future of Marie Bashkirtseff’s last painting located there, is being feared.


Marble bust of Marie Bashkirtseff by René de Saint Marceaux, at The National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo, which reproduction, ordered by the Cercle des Amis de M.B.( M.B. circle of friends), is found at Marie Bashkirtseff’s mausoleum.

Sculpture of Jules Bastien-Lepage made by his friend Rodin.

Algunas obras de
Jules Bastien-Lepage

Jules Bastien-Lepage, Self-Portrait.

Jules Bastien-Lepage, Self-Portrait.

Sarah Bernhardt by Jules Bastien-Lepage

Bastien-Lepage, Pauvre fauvette

Bastien-Lepage, Pas mèche

Bastien-Lepage, Jeanne d'Arc


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