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A homage
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A homage

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Marie Bashkirtseff
and Victor Hugo

Herein is the title page of a new edition (in English) of Les Misérables, by Victor Hugo. The editors have chosen Marie Bashkirtseff’s painting ‘Le Parapluie’ (The Umbrella) as its illustration, which portraits a little girl from the poor neighbourhoods in Paris, a theme which Marie had felt most attracted to. And it is evident that this little girl with sad eyes can very well represent the pleasant Cosette from Victor Hugo’s novel.

Marie Bashkirtseff (1858-1884) - Victor Hugo (1802-1885)

.Marie Bashkirtseff admired Victor Hugo, however, they never met. She tells in her Diary that one day she recognized him at a tram [local train] though she never dared to speak to him. The writer, however, smiled at her after feeling moved by Marie’s warmed and admiring look.

She once attended the demonstrations in honour to the author’s birthday, which took place in front of Victor Hugo’s home.

Source: M Jean-Paul Mesnage, Cercle des Amis de Marie Bashkirtseff

Translation into English by Rocío De Marco


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